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HEI Partners
Odin Technologies, Inc.

Odin Technologies can provide your company with eminently qualified Ecometry™ professionals to help you get the project done on time as well as maximizing return on investment. Our staff has over 25 years of combined experience in the Direct Marketing, Accounting, Internet, and Cobol programming fields.

Robelle Software

Robelle is a small software company that has attained a world class reputation in its niche. We create and market software for HP servers (MPE and HP-UX) that is widely considered essential to the professional and productive operation of those sysems.

Escalate Retail

Escalate solutions are behind the scenes at many of the leading customer-focused retail organizations. With solutions spanning the enterprise, our products help over 650 retailers simplify their multi-channel challenge and turn valuable customer insights into actions that drive sustainable loyalty and repeat business.

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