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Shipped Salesman Report

This report runs for shipped sales relative to orders that were shipped the previous business day. Contains Date, Order #, Name, Pieces Shipped, Ship Method, Status and Dollars

14 Day Order Report

This report is used to track old orders. It is run on an order date range. It displays only line items that have not been shipped. It contains the following information:

Order #, Customer Name, Salesman, Entry Date of Order, and Number of Days Old.

In addition it contains the following information about each unshipped line item on the order:

Line #, Item #, Quantity, Value, Description

It also contains all order comments for the order.

Commission Report based on Paid Sales

This report is used for Commission purposes and contains the following information about paid sales:

Invoice #, Customer Name, Invoice Date, Order Date, Net Sales, Cost, Net Profit, GM%, Paid Amount,
Order #

Salesman Entry Report

This report is run on a date range and contains the following information:

Date, Rep-No, Order #, Date, Customer Name, and Product Dollars. Break by Rep-No.

Page Sales by Item Number Report

This report provides item sales information by Page #.

Selection criteria – Offer, Date Range, Company and Division

Sort Criteria – Page #, Dollar Volume (descending), Item #, GM% (ascending), GM% (descending), and Buyer Code/Item #

This report contains the following information:

Page, Item #, Description, Buyer Code, Sales Amount, Item Status, Current Cost, Current Price (from Item Master), GM%, Future Price (worksheet space), and Future Cost (worksheet space).

Subtotals by Page; Grand Total

Inventory vs. Qty Sold Report

This report allows you to analyze your current inventory quantity to the sales of an item for the last year.

Selection Criteria – Company, Division, Offer, Date Range

Sort Criteria – Page #, Buyer Code

This report contains the following information:

Page, Item #, Buyer Code, Description, Unit Cost, Total Sellable Inventory, Total Inventory Cost, and Sales for the last year.

Inventory Comparison Report

Report for comparing frozen cycle quantities to the counted quantities. Selection Criteria:

Start Ticket Number / End Ticket Number (Required)

Beginning WFL / Ending WFL

By Delta value (product total) range > and < values.

Sort Selection:

1 = Item-number, and location within item-number

2 = Item Level Delta value, item-number (grouping)

then location within item.

The report is designed such that the items have cohesion by item number, and will sort in a group.

Component Assembly Report
New report that analyzes and reports on components of assembly items that need to be reordered.
Shipped Sales modified for Kits
This is a new version of the Product Sales Report that has been changed to correctly report on kit components. The problem is when kit components are shipped from different warehouses, the selling price remains with the kit header and the cost remains with the component. This new report excludes Kit Headers from the report and it pro-rates the selling price of the kit header and applies it to the components. This provides users with more accurate sales and profit numbers when they have kit components shipping from separate warehouses.
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