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Gift Certificate Print Program
Print "Gift For" and "Compliments of" Customizations (up to 30 characters each)
Invoice Form
Print UPC on invoice in lieu of item-no for specific divisions
Print UPC on collate in lieu of item-no for specific divisions
Inventory management currently receives all products in the users unit of measure – each. Changed program to allow the user to key in the # of cases (or whatever the UOM of the purchase order was) and have the receiving program ‘do the math’.

New criteria for processing backorders

Select by vendor all PO’s, get items that were recd’ then go through BO file, up to 10

Or by PO, up to 10

Or multiple item-nos., up to 10

Sort single item orders by Item-No.

Multiple item orders will sort and break normally.

Processing – 3 new parms:

To provide flexibility when selecting orders to process:
101 = Regular orders, with no movements
102 = Backorders, with no movements
103 = Regular and Backorders with no movements.

Ordrpick also modified so when order processing is run, if the user fails to enter a quantity of orders to process, that the program will default to 100 orders.

Ability to choose Starting and Ending Zones to pick from.
Pick Lot and Collate Sort Change
Changed pick lot and collate sort logic to sort by Priority, Ship Preference and Zone
Collate – print Future Ship Date
Changed LASERPRT – if the order has a future date, print the date on the shipping label, in the user area at the bottom to the left of the order-no barcode. In front of the date print the verbiage "Ship Date". Used the same font as the preceding lines
Product Sales Report
Changed to allow user to enter up to five (5) Offer codes. Standard Ecometry program only allows one (1) Offer code.
ORDRPICK move logic
When performing bulk to primary moves, ORDRPICK currently stops when the quantity moved satisfies the current need for orders being picked. This change allows the program to continue moving inventory until the primary location has been filled up to its’ capacity.
Product Cost displays changed to include ‘support costs’

This change is used by customers who have need to add on a value to the cost of product(s) that should not be considered as a natural part of the basic product cost from the supplier/vendor. This change provides for ‘display points" so users in Order Management and Product Review are provided with a cost display that has a supplementary support cost value added into it. The following modifications will be provided:

A new field will be provided in the Item-Master to carry the support cost.

Order Management will be modified to add the support cost into the regular product cost when displaying the "GM" (gross margin) display.

Product review will have the support cost added into the regular product cost when displaying the cost.

Manual CC Authorization Changes to reduce internal fraud

Credit Card Management has been modified to generate an order action when an order is manually authorized in interactive mode. This permanent record will be used to differentiate between orders which have been manually authorized, and those which have been batch or on-line authorized.

The order-actions carry new order-action-type of ‘TIGER1’. The User-ID and credit card will be permanently recorded for display in Customer Service.

The order-action record has been chosen in lieu of an order-comment, because an order-comment could be edited and removed by a user. Order Management normally deletes all order actions when an order is recalled except those specifically exempted from the deletion, such as Fraud. Order Management will be modified so it will not delete these new "TIGER1" order action records when an order is recalled and modified by a user.

Validate Email Address and expand use of No Promo field

When the user completes entry in the NameSearch screen, and attempts to advance to the next screen, if no Email address was entered, display a warning message " No Email Address Entered for this customer". Allow entry of the email address or require that the user press a "Continue" function key to override this condition. If the user does override, populate the email address field with the user-id prefixed with the word "NOEMAIL and today’s date in the format CCYYMMDD".

No Promo Field: The no-promo field will be used to flag customers that are have requested to be removed from the email list. Currently the screen allows entry of "Y" meaning Do Not Mail. The code descriptions for "NP" values will be edited to allow following values, to be updated by the sales/customer service reps.

M = No Mail

E = No Email

A = No Email or Snail Mail

Slapper Collate Consolidation
Changed the system (ORDRPICK & LASERPRT) so that slapper item orders with a quantity larger than found in a control switch, will print on a single collate. The intent is that these orders would be shipped together on one order via Truck
E1 and E2 Kit Inventory Visibility
In standard Ecometry, E1 and E2 kit inventory levels always displays as zero. This change will use the available quantity of the component of the kit instead of the quantity for the E1 or E2 kit header, which is always zero.
Security on Adding Payers or Sites
Modified Order Management to only allow users with a security level of 26 or higher, (new control setting) to add payers or sites. All normal users will automatically use the payer and/or site tied to the customer for the order.
Open Account Payment Entry
Changed to display the Customer name and Company name when an invoice number is entered.
Audit subtotals by Check No.
Modified the Audit print functions so it reads the A/R comment and subtotals by customer check number.
Enhanced OA Credit Approval

When the "hold order" function key is pressed, a new set of keys will display with the options to put the order on:

1. Open Account reviewed – not released

2. Wait for customer

3. Manager Review (Postpone)

The user will also be prompted for an order comment.

Statement for individual customers
Modified ACRPRNT and the screen driver program to accept a 10 digit customer number as selection criteria when producing statements.
Redesign of CASE logic
Changes to order pick, picklots & Laserprt to accommodate ‘real’ case picking, Eliminates need for ‘case kits’. Single item number is used; items are warehoused in Case and singles (counted as singles). Laserprt now prints a case label when picking cases as slappers. Options for single label per slapper/case item – or to have them combined by skid/pack.
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