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Customer/Order Management
Create ‘corporate’ level summary customer-comp records
This program creates corporate level summary records for existing customers. It should be run when you turn on the control switch for SUM-CUST-COMP in GP-CUSTOM-CTL-2.
Credit Memos for No Product Returns
This modification creates credit memos for No Product Returns. These Credit memos are identical to the ones created by Returns Management.
Update Vertex Tax Register with Misc Credits for Sales-Tax

Some customers may issue refunds for sales-tax charges to their customers via the miscellaneous credit function in Ecometry Order Management. This program reads the credits from the Ecometry database. The program is driven by date-range and credit-type (number). A work file of the credit data is created and is used internally by the program.

For each transaction being processed, the credit amount is allocated to each of State, City and Local tax jurisdictions based upon the current tax rates for each (if any) returned by the Vertex calculation subroutine. The program uses the current zip code of the customer to determine the Geo code for the Vertex Subroutine. Since the current rate is used, it may vary from the rate at the time the credit was actually issued if the program is run for a date in the past.

This process runs in two "modes’. Mode 1 extracts credit data and creates an output report of the credits. The work file may be edited after a Mode-1 run to delete unwanted transactions. Mode 2 is known as the ‘live run’. It reads the work file created in Mode 1. In addition to creating the report (again), it also writes the transaction to the Vertex Tax Register file. The record is posted into the Register file with the original credit date.

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