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Product Management
Inventory Updates from one log-on account into another
This program moves inventory levels from one log-on account into another. This allows telemarketers better visibility of the true stock picture when taking orders.
Item Master / Offer Item Update
This program updates the item master price, offer item price and upsell from a flatfile or Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet. It also creates offer item and multi pricing records if they do not exist.
Item Master Update
This program updates the Length, Width, Depth, Cubic Vol, and Dim Wgt fields in the item master from a flatfile (fixed format).
Product Scoring for Cross-Selling Purposes

This module evaluates shipped sales and determines a rank of each product’s associated sales products.
Shipped sales are analyzed for a specified time period. Each product on each order with shipped sales within this period is written to a new database. The total number of combined occurrences is tallied for each match found to create a score. This allows you to analyze what products are selling with what products.

An update mode is also available to create item upsell records in Ecometry. An upsell record is created for the eight (8) top ranking items sold with each item. The format of the upsell is Item-no/Description, sorted by rank.

Ship Method Change Report
This report identifies if it is the first time an order is being processed and order processing changed the ship method. This report can be used to notify customers if their ship method has been changed from the original ship method selected at Order Entry.
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