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XML / EDI & Virtual Warehousing Interfaces

Outbound - To Your Supplier

As distribution costs increase and margins erode, cutting inventory and the costs associated with it are imperative to your continued profitability. Virtual warehousing is the answer. Imagine being able to sell your suppliers' inventories without having to buy it first and without incurring shipping and warehousing costs!

More and more major suppliers are making their inventory available to you electronically. Why not take advantage of it? We can help get you there. Getting the information in and out of your system is all it takes. Many of the features are already in your system. With a few programs you can be ready to go. We have engaged both batch (ANSI-EDI / XML standard) and real-time processes that can bridge the gap between your system and your suppliers' systems. The benefits are overwhelming.

When you need data interchange expertise that understands MACS®, Hire Experience is the answer. We have helped several clients make their virtual warehousing dreams a reality, instead of a nightmare. Whether its a big-three microcomputer supplier or a small captive vendor; we're ready to help!

Inbound - From Your Customer

It's becoming more prevalent for large business-to-business customers to purchase electronically. With our new TapeMACS® Electronic Commerce Tracking database, we can provide order-tracking acknowledgments (855) and electronic invoices (810) out of your database and back to your customer.

Other EDI

In addition to order processing transactions, many suppliers and publishers now require resellers to transmit sales (867) and inventory (846) information back for analysis. We can provide you with this sell-thru and inventory reporting required by suppliers; such as Microsoft® and Adobe®. So why not contact us today?

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