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Web Solutions

Web services have only been recently offered as part of our official list of services, but we are not new to the subject matter at all. Naturally in the consulting portion of our business we have been involved in web strategies, designs and implementations for many years. Our web people have been delivering quality solutions since 1995; almost an eternity in web years. We are happy to announce this new addition to our services.

Many of our business have been scampering over the last few years to get their web presence up and running. While forging through this new territory, many questions and issues arise about their core business, making most re-think their entire approach. It's almost an entire re-engineering of our thought processes and a re-classification of our priorities. What works in print doesn't always work on the web. The key knowledge only appears after careful thought, testing and analysis of the results.

What are the options?

Obviously interactive interfaces appear to be the best; however, there are advantages to batch oriented and/or hybrid architectures. We can provide services to help with all types; from interfaces to page design and creation. So why not contact us today?

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